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Focuses on harm reduction research and development to 

reduce the harm from tobacco consumption


RESEARCH CENTER) has been focusing on researching the technology, craftsmanship 

and products of tobacco production and processing. 

The research area of ITHRRC ranges from tobacco cultivation to smoke creation, 

including tobacco cultivation, curing, cigarette production, and relevant testing. 

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About Us

Combustion is a problem, but reducing the harm of it would not be one.

Smoking is known to be harmful and can lead to smoke-related diseases, but not everyone knows why. While people smoke, the burning of tobacco creates a complex mixture of what we call smoke, which contains flavors of the tobacco blend, as well as nicotine that is naturally present in the tobacco leaves. Consumers enjoy these elements in smoke when they are smoking.

However, the same burning processes that release tobacco flavor and nicotine also produce more than 6,000 chemicals, of which about 100 have been identified as causes or potential causes of smoking-related diseases such as lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, and emphysema.

The goal of the ITHRRC is to find practical ways to reduce the harm of combustion.

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